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Guarded helps clients open US Bank accounts securely. Clients can choose to open their bank account at some of the largest banks in America. To do this you do not have to visit a branch or share information you are not comfortable sharing. Like other services, Guarded provides this as premium offering for sophisticated customers who value respect in all their interactions and put a premium on their personal privacy. Guarded Financial Services can help you open your bank account quickly and privately, we can also help you set up online stock trading/brokerage accounts for investing and/or trading purposes.

Guarded Bank account services can be used by US and Non-US Citizens; we can help open a bank account for your company in the US for either a US citizen or international client. We empower you by assisting with every aspect of the bank account opening process. The account can be set up in the name of a company you incorporate with us or it can be opened for a company you already control. We also provide the unique service where clients can purchase aged corporate shells that have valid EIN’s and then opening or using the bank accounts that this established entity has. Which is preferable as these would have a solid track record and history of good standing which many clients who value privacy find to be quite useful.

Insightful, intelligent advice and solutions, Guarded provides these with an expert view of the financial and regulatory landscape allowing for changes to be anticipated in such a way that our clients can remain ahead of the curve and thrive.

Truly secure, private and confidential account set-up process.

With Guarded Bank Account services, a registered agent we engage from our network will serve as your beneficiary, allowing you privacy and security. Our registered agent set-ups always come with a strict power of attorney to ensure that your funds are safe and that only you (or the person you nominate privately) have control over the funds.

Guarded Bank Account Service is an all-inclusive service; we provide clients everything they need to open their bank account and complete KYC requirements that Banks follow. From EIN to Certificate of Incorporation to all requisite ID’s required of nominees and registered agents. We will also help create a business plan and letterhead for your company if you do not have these.

We don't ask you to trust us (you shouldn't trust anyone who does). Try out our service for for a low investment and see how well we perform for you. Base your judgment on that!

Having been in business for over 5 years, Guarded has had a rare first-hand insight into our clients’ business worlds and this shaped the breadth and delivery of Guarded Banking solutions. We offer a range of flexible services tailored to your requirements in the US and overseas. We have had the pleasure of working with some of the world’s most exceptional businesses and thanks to the demanding and challenging nature of this, we have gathered extensive knowledge and developed invaluable competencies. Intelligent relationships with our clients have taught us that they seek more than simple financial services, we can be your partner empowering you to do better and make your life easier.

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