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Whether you’re interested in setting up a payment portal for your clients to securely pay for invoices, building a marketplace, mobile app, e-commerce site, selling products with emailed invoices, or subscription service, Guarded Merchant First Gateway should be your number 1 choice. A premium service, Guarded Payment Gateway allows you to offer your customers a frictionless checkout experience and maximize client conversions. Guarded Merchant First can be used to accept payments from 180 countries in over 100 Currencies, all without ever having to compromise on your own rights, privacy or security.

As an integrator of high availability payment processing services, Guarded Payments is uniquely capable of outfitting you with a fully featured payment gateway that you can have granular control over (from branding to security to fund management). We are also able to provide clients flexible processing engines that route transactions to the best banks and merchant services to ensure maximum payment success in minimum time.

Guarded will set up your payment gateway, integrate with your website or create for you user friendly, high security payment portals that you can use to conduct business. We can set up and assist in managing your entire payment process, paying special attention to your brand and customer service. With many clients we assist them with their corporate registration, business marketing, conversion maximization and fund management as well. So, we truly are a full service provider quite unlike any other payment processing company out there. Another thing that makes us unique, we’ll be on your side.

Sign me up! What will this amazing service cost?

A Guarded Payment Gateway account (inclusive of custom payment portal and merchant account to accept credit & debit cards) costs just $1999 to set up (of which $999 is refundable if our relationship doesn’t cross the 90 day mark). Do keep in mind this is a premium offering for discerning customers who value respect, privacy and discretion. For all new merchants there is a 27 day trial period when funds will be held (this is the only time we require your trust but you should realize that this is so that we can sustainably provide a quality, premium, high demand service) initially. Once this trial period is over, fund release time comes down to a 12 day cycle (or shorter). We do not accept merchants with a customer refund/chargeback percentage that is higher than 10%, so please analyse your payments data for dispute percentages on an annual basis before engaging us (that’s really one of the few conditions we have, really!). We offer all clients convenient fund management, either via ACH (American Banks), Payment Wallet Services or even Stored Value Cards we can create and send to you. After the 27 day trial period there is an 8.59% fee that is all inclusive per successful customer transaction and a $25 fee per “lost” transaction dispute.

We don't ask you to trust us (you shouldn't trust anyone who does). Try out our service for for a low investment and see how well we perform for you. Base your judgment on that!

We offer elaborate custom set-ups that can be built to even the most demanding of payment processing needs. Contact us if you’re interested in a custom solution.

High-risk payment processing services are never easy to find and the ones you do find are hard to trust, but Guarded Merchant First payment gateway can be tailored for every type of customer. Tens of thousands of merchants and consumers on a global scale place their trust in us (don’t do this because we ask but try us out with a minimal investment and see the incredible value we create); we go the extra mile to ensure that all transactions are encrypted and secure using state-of-the-art payment processing technology (we don’t just take pains to protect you but we respect and protect your customer data as well). Here’s the long and short of it, we’re not your average payment gateway. We will not ask you to give us your trust or ask you to do things we would not be comfortable doing just so as to be able to set-up and run your business.

Try out our service and see how we can help you. Get in touch and learn how the value we generate for you can enable your rapid growth and ascent.

So what are you waiting for? Start today by submitting your details or call us at (302) 257-2813 for a free consultation. Click here to schedule a call-back with one of our expert consultants.