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In today’s fast-paced commercial world, businesses require flexible and timely payment solutions. Drawing on our renowned private corporate services experience, Guarded Payment Services are delivered by knowledgeable experts who are on the cutting edge of financial and technological paradigm. Guarded Payment Wallet solutions are designed for efficient, private, secure and easy to use 'micro' transactions. With the ability to create and manage accounts with a range of online payment services, we can help you manage your expenses, reserves and incoming transfers in such a way that that you remain in control and excel.

Online payment services have proven to be incredibly popular and useful. However, to open an account with any payment service one inevitably will have to share a lot of private information with these companies. In certain scenarios (business intelligence, highly competitive business niches or a person in the public eye) using a payment wallet that is in your own name can be very inconvenient and imprudent.

With Guarded Wallet Solutions, clients are able to open accounts at the most popular Payment Services in the name of corporate shells or nominee registered agents Guarded hires. And clients are able to use these private accounts exclusively for their needs. Allowing mobility of funds quickly without having to compromise on your privacy or safety.

No matter what service you engage us for, Guarded's dedicated experts are there for you when you need them to manage your needs efficiently and effectively, freeing you up to focus on your business.

Clients in various industry sectors use Guarded Wallet solutions. Our service can be used with any popular Payment Service / Online Wallet. Guarded allows clients to choose between active and passive managed Payment Wallet Accounts. Passively managed accounts are created and handed over to clients, actively managed accounts are created and clients are assisted with fund management, transfers and any other aspect that a client requires assistance with. Guarded usually forms a corporate shell and opens the account in the name of that shell for the client. We can also prefund the account with an amount of money that the client specifies. With this arrangement Guarded will relinquish all control over the account and the corporate shell over to the client. Clients can also choose to purchase stakes in established corporate shells which have aged payment accounts with popular services and use these exclusively.

Accounts created with Guarded Payment Wallets can be used for any lawful purpose allowed by Terms of Service of the payment service provider. Clients are able to receive funds, send transfers locally and globally, top up balances via ACH or wire transfer, apply for and get debit cards against funds in the account, shop online, set-up recurring payments to merchants… and more. All without ever having to compromise on privacy or security.

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