With insight and judgment shaped by working with highly ambitious, motivated, wealthy individuals, we have come to appreciate the subtlety, nuances and complexity of not just the work they engage in but the lives they lead. With our unique capabilities and service offerings, we are able to be for you a driver of wealth by creating value and making your life easier, better and safer.

Find Out How We Can Help You

With dilligence insight and expertise, we provide specialist advice and solutions at each stage of your journey to engage in business and create lasting wealth. Here are some of the services we offer our discerning clientele:


Securely and privately incorporate a company. Guarded Incorporation allows you to form a corporation in Delaware, Nevada, Florida or Texas without disclosing your personal information.

Incorporate Securely

Guarded helps you privately and securely incorporate in business friendly US states in a couple of days. Our service is unique as we allow you to use our nominees to form your company allowing for more privacy.


Guarded offers clients a one of a kind merchant-first payment solution - a fully featured payment gateway that you can use to accept payments from your customers across the world quickly and safely.

Merchants First

Guarded Merchant First is built ground up taking in to account the frustrations faced by global entrepreneurs when working with typical merchant services and credit card processors. Of course we put you, the Merchant, first.

Bank Accounts

We help clients open business bank accounts quickly and securely. Clients can choose to open accounts at some of the largest banks in USA. No need to visit a branch or share information you don't want to.

Guarded FinServ

Our business bank accounts are a premium offering allowing clients to open bank accounts privately. We can also help clients open stock trading/brokerage accounts for investing and trading purposes privately.

Online Wallets

Interested in having popular payment wallets available for use without compromising on your privacy? Guarded can create and help manage accounts with the most popular payment services.

Wallet Services

Clients can use our corporate services to form a corporation or use our nominee's to create accounts with any of the popular payment services available. This is a service borne entirely out of the demand we've seen.

Join the tens thousands of entrepreneurs and professionals making use of Guarded Services to tip the odds in their favour, get ahead and thrive — into a brighter, more secure future.

Guarded works closely with international individuals with personal, professional, investment or business interests in North America or Europe, empowering them and their families to securely navigate the complexities of their demanding and closely watched professional and personal lives. Working closely with experts globally, we draw on our extensive network of expertise. From providing clients with carefully crafted corporate service products, financial service solutions and fund management utilities through to more practical support – from aiding with relocation, secure communication set-ups– we not only provide unique services but can work to accommodate a diverse range of your needs.

Guarded services cater to clients who are usually either interested in having unprecedented access to the North American and European markets, or to clients who reside in developing countries in need of high-demand fund management services. We also offer specialty services to professionals who value their privacy and desire to conduct their affairs discretely. With established teams in London, New York and the Isle of Man, our experts regularly visits clients in their home countries, providing expert advice on business development, international finances and helping them to navigate complex rules be it taxes or ideal commercial transaction structures.

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