About Us

Our mission is to assist and empower our clients to dynamically enhance growth via our strategies, solutions and services while maintaining the highest standards of trust and excellence with the support of constantly developed expertise and the aid of experienced professionals in order to be a reference on the market and to fulfil the goals of our clients on a daily basis. With our long-term commitment, dedicated professionals, quality services and respect we strive to exceed our clients’ expectations in order to best achieve their satisfaction.

With professional backgrounds in our clients’ business worlds, Guarded Corporate Services specialists have a shared passion for the industries you move in. Guarded provides intelligent advice and solutions to help your company flourish in today’s fast-paced commercial landscape – giving you the peace of mind to focus on your business. We are true believers in what we do driven by the pursuit of excellence, we provide quality services with the aim of exceeding our clients’ expectations. We are passionate about the work we do with our clients, we bring passion to every day’s work, passion to realize our ideas and accomplish our goals, and passion to help our clients thrive and incrementally improve on the body of work we are responsible for. We find respect to be lacking in most interactions with providers and companies. As a team we have mutual respect, and as a company we respect our clients and the work they do for they are far from insignificant; as such in every interaction we aim to treat them, their business, their information, their assets, their experience and their customers with the highest respect. Together we achieve more while getting closer to our common goals. We create an environment of success and cooperation.

David Overmoyer

Founder and CEO

David is Founder and CEO of Guarded. He is an entrepreneur who has founded and run several companies in the compliance and risk management sector. Since the Guarded’s founding in 2011, David has helped grow and expand our business, which now serves more than 50,000 companies in 25 countries, assisting over 44,000 entrepreneurs start, operate and manage their businesses and affairs with security and privacy. Prior to striking out on his own, David worked at D. E. Shaw & Co. David graduated with a M.Sc. in Systems Engineering from Stanford University. He has been an angel investor in start-up companies such as Slack, Uber, Joyent, Airbnb, Bitstrips, Houzz, Facebook, and Palantir. David is a Non-Executive Director for the principal financing companies of Atlantia, in charge of construction and development of the Rio 2016 Olympics venue, and numerous other developments across the world.

Ulrich Herz


Born and raised in Swabia South Germany, Ulrich graduated from Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich with a BA Honours in economics and studied at Brasenose College, Oxford University. He operates out of London and leads the firm’s focus asset protection, future of sustainable capitalism and the role of balanced regulation and legislative processes in business settings. As co-founder and the VP of Operations at Guarded, where he leads the company’s strategic partnerships and platform efforts, Ulrich has a great amount of contact with our customers as a result of attempts to understand their needs and use that understanding in the shaping and development of our competencies. Prior to Guarded, he was the Director of Deutsche Bundesbank Payment and Securities Settlement Systems Oversight division. In that role Ulrich was able to develop several key systems for statistical Analytics and Data Science management for the financial sector.

Yael Rogosin

Partner, VP of Operations

Having been born in Israel. Yael spent her childhood in up in California and New York and she graduated from Duke with a degree in Behavioural economics and Quantitative Management. As an associate at Guarded, Inc. with a focus on financial services and global corporate asset protection, she’s found a way to integrate her interest in the arts with her work in some surprising and rewarding ways. Yael spent 12 months after graduating worked with freighter management at Maersk Line where she lead the deployment of a $250 million container tracking and fleet management system. The system she helped design is now being adapted to be used as the model platform for enforcing and managing the amendments to the Safety of Lives at Sea Agreement (SOLAS) by the International Maritime Organization. Keeping with her creative background, Yael has been a key member of our high-impact marketing management team which assists clients with multi-media strategic marketing initiatives.

Why We Think You Can Trust Us

In this dynamically changing world is increasingly difficult to trust one another, our founders have an academic background where they studied or shared an interest in signalling theory which has a lot of great insights on interpersonal trust. Based on relational signalling theory we believe that it’s imperative to build trust and assure clients, partners and employees a reliable framework and belief system that will govern our actions, in our case, our strong beliefs about systems theory unite us as a company, we believe that for a system to work at its best, free movement of capital, ideas, goods and people are critical. We share a strong disdain for protectionism, self–righteous pontification based on flawed beliefs, negative-sum situations and discrimination or repression. We are morally, ethically and intellectually against these ills. So, we not only work to excel in this business for the sake of profit and satisfaction we get from getting better each day but most importantly we are engaged in this business (and invest so much in to this) because it is keeping in line with our ethos and belief systems. Our system theory view of the world also leads us to believe that owing to the great financial crisis of ’08 and geopolitical issues the world we live in now is in a feedback loop resulting in pushback against the amazing concepts of globalization, freedom of speech, secularism and emphasis on human creativity and free markets. This we feel is a dangerous. We truly wish to see our clients through this period of uncertainty and turmoil.

We conduct ourselves with dedication, there will never be a time when you wish to get in touch with us and be unable to do so within a reasonable time frame. We are each personally accountable for the highest standards of behaviour in all aspects of our work. We fulfil our commitments as responsible employees and adhere to moral and ethical principles of the highest order.