Tired of being thwarted and harassed by bureaucrats and self-righteous technocrat ideologues? If you, in the process of running and growing your business, have faced harassment and abuse by people who ought to know that they are working for you, then we can help you.

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We cater to entrepreneurs and professionals engaged in a wide range of sectors globally. Our clients usually are those operating in the fields of, Technology Start-ups, E-Commerce, Financial Services, Real Estate, Government Contracting, Politics and Retail.

Incorporate Safely

Securely and privately incorporate a company. Guarded Incorporation allows you to form a corporation in Delaware, Nevada, Florida or Texas without disclosing your personal information.

Accept Payments

Guarded offers clients a one of a kind merchant-first payment solution – a fully featured payment gateway that you can use to accept payments from your customers across the world quickly and safely.

Open a Bank Account

We help clients open business bank accounts quickly and securely. You can choose to open accounts at some of the largest banks in USA. No need to visit a branch or share information you don’t want to.

Get a Payment Account

Interested in having popular payment wallets available for use without compromising on your privacy? Guarded can create and help manage accounts with any online payment service securely.

Guarded, Inc. is a specialist provider of services in relation to corporate structures, financial transactions, wealth management, as well as financial and estate planning. Catering to private clients, corporate customers and institutional investors, our service offer includes: Corporate services, Electronic Payments Solutions, Business Development, Regulatory insights and reporting services, Tax services, Fund services and Private Wealth Services.

Make use of our cutting edge, world-renowned expertise developed over three decades. Use us to grow, put competitors out of business and remain wealthy. Taking the long term view, forming lasting partnerships, we aim to understand every aspect of our client’s needs, ensuring exceptional service – above and beyond corporate services, we'll come through for you.

How We Protect You

From illegally acquired information, our competitors have recently received a lot of unfair press coverage. However much we regret to do this, it should be pointed out that their approach to business was and still remains seriously flawed. We work hard in every way to statistically lower the possibility of our clients’ information being compromised. With most of our services, clients do not need to provide us with their personally identifiable information. We explicitly advise clients against sharing such information (not just when engaging with us). Instead, we allow clients to use our registered agents, nominees and special purpose entities to securely conduct business without putting their own privacy at risk. Oh, and we actually invest the time, attention, creativity and resources in to making available to clients “the most secure technology available and we join the 95% percent of Fortune 500 companies as well as the world’s 40 largest banks who rely on this technology to keep client information protected” and then some. Of course this is in addition to precluding our clients from needing to share their private information via the Internet to engage our services.

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